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Savali – A Shelter for Care
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सावली मतिमंद व बहुविकलांग मुलांसाठी प्रतिष्ठान” या  संस्थेने गेल्या तीस वर्षापासून आमचा सांभाळ करून आमच्या पालकांची काळजी मिटवलेली आहे याचा आम्हाला अभिमान आहे. आम्ही पालकमुले हे सर्व सावली परिवाराचे साक्षीदार आहोत. आमच्या मध्ये लहानप्रौढ मुले-मुलीज्येष्ठ नागरिकअसे एकत्र राहत असून  आमच्यासाठी इमारतीत विश्वस्तांनी चांगल्या सुख-सोयी केल्यामुळे आमचे पालक ही खुश आहेत. सावलीत आम्हाला दिवसभर निरनिराळे उपक्रम दिले जातातदोन्ही वेळेला ताजे जेवण नाष्टाराहण्याची उत्तम व्यवस्थावार्षिक सहलीनाश्ता व जेवणामध्ये विविध प्रकार असतात. सावली संस्थेच्या घरट्याच्या रूपाने आम्हाला कवच मिळाले आहे व त्या कवचात आम्ही सुरक्षित आहोत.

We are proud that the Savali association has been caring for Mentally Retarded and Cerebral Palsy Children (Divyang)  for last thirty years and has made their parents anxiety free. Their parents are happy that all the trustees have made good arrangements for the residents of the Savali. They are given various activities throughout the day. The quality & hygiene maintain for breakfast, lunch as well as for dinner. There are changes every day & different meal prepared for them. Residential  Accommodation arrangement are made including to inmates in one room which has attached toilet.  There for inmates like to leave in  Savali. Savali means a shelter, Savali’s building is safe and secured for such depended children’s 

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I have no doubt that Indian society at all levels needs to be sensitized to the problems of handicap persons, particularly Mentally, Physically & Cerebral Palsy children. I wish you all success in this noble task. This was my first even visit to Pune & of course, to this organization as well I wish I should have come much earlier. The kind of work, with the kind of dedication & good quality was a pleasant surprise, I wish again somebody someday come out with a case study on this organization for all other organizations of follow, in latter & spirit. I wish them all the best.

Dr. Manmohan Singh

Prime Minister Of India

SAVALI is doing an excellent work for CP children and they should be encouraged for the same. I wish them success in future. --

Mr. J. P. Singh

Member Secretary, Rehabilitation Council of India, New Delhi.

Very impressed with the new set up i.e. its functioning, dedication and devotion is reflected in the staff and the management.

-- Dr. Sharad M. Hardikar

Hardikar Hospital, Pune

A commendable effort has been made for raising funds in organization and setting-up facilities.



You are one of those very few people who turnshis worst into best “Blessing in disguise”


MBBS, DCH (Bombay) MIP Australia, Morbi Gujarat (1996)

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