Mr. Vasant. Thakar and Mrs. Prabha Thakar are parents of Cerebral Palsy and severely mentally challenged daughter. One of the renowned doctors from Mumbai having F.R.C.S degree had declared that Vaidehi could not be educated and is not even trainable. But the couple decided to develop their child . while developing their child they came to know that there are many more children of the same type and their parents are also facing similar type of problems and hence they decided to start a rehabilitation centre for such special individual where different type of therapies, education, training, skill development can be given under one roof . While processing the thought to start a complete rehabilitation center they travelled all over Maharashtra and interviewed the parents regarding, the problems faced, the solutions they have found out to help their child, their views and expectation about the future of their child, expectation from the rehabilitation center etc. In 1992 Mr. Thakar took premature retirement form his job and started working for the MR & CP Children. He along with other parents of MR & CP children formed a trust and the main motto of this trust was no rejection policy as the special children who are dependent throughout their lives even for their personal needs were not getting admission even in the government special schools because they were not trained and able to do personal care like toileting, bathing, eating, walking etc.