About Savali

SAVALI is a registered charitable trust working for the Mentally Retarded and Cerebral Palsy children and adults. It is non-profitable and non-governmental organization. SAVALI is working for these under privileged individuals for last more than 25 years. This is the first life long center not only in Maharashtra but Probably in India, where all the facilities are provided under one roof. SAVALI provides to Mentally Retarded and Cerebral Palsy individuals :

  • Special School and Day Care Facility
  • Vocational Training
  • Special Teachers Training
  • Awareness Program
  • Residential Care

Our Associate

Palak Sangha

Parents Organization

National Trust

National Trust Act- 1999 has come in force for the welfare, rehabilitation of the Mentally Retarded, Cerebral palsy, Autistic and Multiple disabled individuals


Health Insurance Scheme


Group Home For Adults


Respite Care

Latest Projects



SAVALI has done the awareness for the masses since 1999 & covered more than 50,000 different participants like College & School Children, Parents, Siblings of the Handicapped Individuals, Government Officers, etc. on Prevention of Disabilities.Laws & Acts passed by State as well as Central Government, Concessions & Facilities given by state as well as central Government to the disables & their parents.

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Day Care Center

For severely mentally retarded and cerebral palsy individuals , Now a days it is very necessary that both the parents should work to maintain their life style, and hence SAVALI is running a Day care center to help the parents .

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Karya Shala

The main motto of the vocational Training Center is to keep the MR & CP youths engaged, which will help to minimize and control the Behavior Problems and also the youths will get the joy / pleasure of creation which will help them for building their self confidence.

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Respite care unit

Temporary stay arrangement. A perfect solution for a temporary residential care of MR & CP individuals for one day to some months.

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Residential care unit

As SAVALI is a parents organization ,the trustees are aware of the problems the parents face, one of the major problem is what after us ? , Ghauraunda Residential care unit is a solution for the parents. Gharaunda residential care unit is for the Mentally Retarded, Cerebral Palsy , Autistic , Multiple Disabled individuals where they are provided total care till the live even though the parents are alive and want to avail this facility.

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Special School

The school is run for the Mentally Challenged, Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Disabled children from 5 to 18 years of age. The main motto of SAVALI is make the MR & CP children independent in activities of daily living, socially, economically, verbally and cognition .

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Training programs

SAVALI training division conducts different training programs for primary teachers- to impart knowledge regarding disables such as cause of disability, the facilities and concession given by the state as well as central government to the disables and their parents, different act and laws passed by the government, different type of education, therapies and training, special educator - to upgrade their knowledge which can help them to teach in their school setup etc.

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Therapy center

The therapy center is especially run for the Mentally retarded, Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Disabled individuals . The main motto of this therapy center is to make a divyang individual independent socially , economically, Activities of Daily living, communication, cognitively etc. make the Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Disabled individuals independent in activities of daily living, socially, economically, verbally till their extent .

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Vocational Training

We teach the students the skills which have repetitive activities such as preparing Liquid Soap, Phenyl, Candle Making, Paper Bags, etc. From last few year we have started collection of old news papers. The children go from house to house for collecting the old news papers.

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People's View

I have no doubt that Indian society at all levels needs to be sensitized to the problems of handicap persons, particularly Mentally, Physically & Cerebral Palsy children. I wish you all success in this noble task. This was my first even visit to Pune & of course, to this organization as well I wish I should have come much earlier. The kind of work, with the kind of dedication & good quality was a pleasant surprise, I wish again somebody someday come out with a case study on this organization for all other organizations of follow, in latter & spirit.
I wish them all the best.
Dr. Manmohan Singh Prime Minister Of India
A commendable effort has been made for raising funds in organization and setting-upfacilities.
Joint Secretary, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt of India.

You are one of those very few people who turnshis worst into best “Blessing in disguise”
Dr. Pramod Mehta MBBS, DCH (Bombay) MIP Australia, Morbi Gujarat (1996)
SAVALI is doing an excellent work for CP children and they should be encouraged for the same. I wish them success in future.
Mr. J. P. Singh Member Secretary, Rehabilitation Council of India, New Delhi.

Very impressed with the new set up i.e. its functioning, dedication and devotion is reflected in the staff and the management.
Dr. Sharad M. Hardikar Hardikar Hospital, Pune