Gharaunda - Group home for adults

A life time residential care center
( for above 18 years individuals )

Group Home And Rehabilitation Activities Under National Trust Act for Disabled Adults is a new scheme for providing Life Long Shelter & Care to Persons with Disabilities in Group Homes.
A residential care unit for life time care , A perfect solution for residential and over all care of MR & CP individuals in and after the presence of their parents.


  • 2 units of Life time care of MR & CP Individuals irrespective of age, disability percentage, creed, cast etc.
  • Recognized by State as well as Central Government
  • Education, training, therapies etc given as per the requirement of each individual
  • Well equipped with modern facilities and amenities
  • 24 hrs hot and cold running water
  • Attached toilet blocks with modern facilities
  • Facilities provided as per the requirement of each individual
  • Long journey Trips once in 3 months and short trips once per month
  • School, vocational training center, occupational therapy , physiotherapy therapy , speech therapy etc available


To provide an assured home and minimum quality of care services throughout the life of the persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities and ensure them the following

  • Encourage assisted living with independence and dignity
  • Provide care services on a sustainable basis