The Founder

Shri Vasant Mahadeo Thakar

Age: 78 yrs. ( Male )
Date of Birth: 31st May 1938
Qualification: Mechanical Engineer
Project Director SAVALI
Founder SAVALI Association for Mentally Retarded & Cerebral Palsy Children
Founder Member of PARIVAAR (National Federation of Parents Association for persons with Mental disability) since 1995.
Member – Local Level Committee National Trust, Dist Pune
Member - National Handicap Finance Development Corporation, Loan Committee, Maharashtra State
Member - Steering Committee , National Trust, New Delhi
He is also working in many committees in various capacities
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Experience in the field of Mentally Retarded & Cerebral Palsy:

  • First Hand experience in upbringing a Mentally Retarded and Cerebral Palsy Daughter
  • Experience in Education, Training of Mentally Retarded and Cerebral Palsy Children for 25 yrs
  • Visited various Institutes & Cheshire homes in all over India and abroad
  • Started Day Care Center 25 years ago
  • Surveyed 300 cerebral palsy children to understand their problems & needs.

ABOUT Mr. Vasant Thakar

Mechanical Engineer by profession and working experience of more than 30 years in an Automobile renowned Industry. Took premature retirement, at the age of 55 years for working for the mentally retarded and cerebral palsy children .
While in service he had traveled to many countries and found that India was far behind in the disability sector and hence he decided to work for the cause.

Vaidehi daughter of the founder president could not get admission in any special school in Pune as she was dependent on others even for her personal needs. It was also surprising to note that one of the doctors had certified that she is not educable also trainable. Therefore though having production experience he preferred to work for such special children instead of starting an industry which would have helped him to earn in millions and billions .

In 1992, he started a special school in his own bungalow in the city like Pune without any financial support from others. In 1994 as he could not get any land for starting up the rehabilitation center from the Local and State government authorities, he and his wife donated their own plot in the city like Pune costing about 25 lacs to SAVALI .

Last 20 years, he is working without any monetary gain for this cause. 23 years he was working as a president of the organization and now he has handed over the work to the next generation and he is working in different committees of state , Centeral government for the rehabilitation and welfare of the disables. As a part of his devotion, for the last 23 years and working for these special children, he has received the faith from the parents of the special children, well wishers and all government bodies. Apart from this he has successfully organized and conducted the Awareness and training programs of National Trust, NHFDC, Rehabilitation Council of India, Commissioner Disability, Maharashtra Government etc as while working he found that 70 % of the disables are from semi rural and rural areas and they are unaware about the laws . acts, concession and facilities given by the government to the disables therefore through this programs he spreads the information about the schemes facilities concessions etc which can be helpful not only the parents, Till date he has arranged and organized more than 100 awareness programs through SAVALI