Karyashala – A Vocational Training Center For Severely physically and Mentally Challenged individuals

The main motto of the vocational Training Center is to keep the MR & CP youths engaged, which will help to minimize and control the Behavior Problems and also the youths will get the joy / pleasure of creation which will help them for building their self confidence.

SAVALI’s Vocational Training Center has Multiple disabled children such MR & CP. Keeping in mind their disability, in the Vocational Training Center we teach the students the skills which have repetitive activities such as preparing Liquid Soap, Phenyl, Candle Making, Paper Bags, etc. From last few year we have started collection of old news papers. The children go from house to house for collecting the old news papers. From this task they learn conversation skills, dealing with different type of people, they also learn to segregate papers, weigh the papers and prepare bundles 5 kg etc. All these activities are given to keep them engage and active we have also noted that by this activity many of the behavioral problems are diminishing. From the year 2011-2012 we have started giving some amount of stipend to the individuals according to their performance, which has benefited the individuals in the training center and now they are taking more & more responsibility and interest in work.


  • Trained staff
  • No criteria for admission of cast creed, percentage o f disability, independency, financial status of the parents etc
  • Personalized care
  • Therapy
  • Training given as per the requirement of the special individual, according to the ability, disability, liking, IQ level etc
  • 2 buses and other 2 vehicles for transportation of students
  • The youths of vocational training center are motivated to participate in different sports and competition such as different sports , dance, drama, singing, swimming etc at interschool, at district and state level which helps the children for developing self confidence