Apart from present activities, as a social responsibility, since 1999 we are doing Awareness Programs, not only in Maharashtra but in other States also. About 70% population of the disabled is in semi-urban & rural areas where there is least awareness regarding the cause of disability, the facilities and concession given by the state as well as central government to the disables and their parents, different act and laws passed by the government, different type of education, therapies and training which can be imparted to the disables which can be useful to make them self dependent etc. Hence such awareness programs are taken for not only the parents but also to the common citizen who can guide and help the disables and their parents, SAVALI has done the awareness for the masses since 1999 & covered more than 50,000 different sections of the society like College & School Children, Parents, Siblings of the Handicapped Individuals, Government Officers, etc. on Prevention of Disabilities, Laws & Acts passed by State as well as Central Government, Concessions & Facilities given by state as well as central Government to the disables & their parents.